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Task Forces of the Arctic Council

In addition to the Working Groups there are also several Task Forces that operate within the framework of the Arctic Council. The Task Forces are appointed at the Ministerial meetings to work on specific issues for a limited amount of time. The Task Forces are active until they have produced the desired results, at which point they become inactive. Experts from the Working Groups and representatives from the member states take part in the Task Forces. There are currently four active Task Forces in the Arctic Council.

Task Force on Arctic Marine Oil Pollution Prevention (TFOPP)

The main tasks of TFOPP are to identify how best the Arctic Council can contribute to marine oil pollution prevention in the Arctic, to recommend a concrete plan of action, and, as appropriate, to develop cooperative arrangements to implement the Action Plan. TFOPP held its first two meetings in Oslo, Norway and Reykjavik, Iceland in 2014. It will deliver its recommendations to the Ministerial Meeting in 2015, although a renewal of its mandate is possible. Norway and Russia are co-chairing the Task Force.

Task Force on Black Carbon and Methane (TFBCM)

The mandate of the TFBCM is to develop arrangements on actions to achieve enhanced black carbon and methane emission reductions in the Arctic. The Task Force had its first meeting in September 2013 and will report to the Ministerial Meeting in 2015. Canada and Sweden are the chairs of TFBCM.

Scientific Cooperation Task Force (SCTF)

SCTF will work towards an arrangement on improved scientific research cooperation among the eight Arctic States. It had its first meeting in December 2013 and will report to Ministerial Meeting in 2015. The Task Force is co-chaired by Russia, Sweden and the United States.

Task Force to Facilitate the Circumpolar Business Forum (TFCBF)

The mandate of TFCBF is to facilitate the creation of a Circumpolar Business Forum (CBF) which would provide a mechanism to allow business and industry to engage with the Arctic States and Permanent Participants. TFCBF had its first meeting in September 2013 and provided a report to SAOs at the meeting of Senior Arctic Officials in Yellowknife, Canada in March of 2014. Canada is chairing the TFCBF in cooperation with Finland, Iceland and Russia.

Past Task Forces

There are also three Task Forces which have completed their work and are no longer operational. Please view this article for more information on these Task Forces and their past work.

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